During the Sustainment Phase, the intervention is engrained in the organization, including stable funding and ongoing monitoring and/or quality assurance processes.

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the outer context of sustainment


  • Leadership

  • Policies

    • Federal initiatives

    • State initiatives

    • Local service system

    • Consent decrees


  • Fit with existing service funds

  • Cost absorptive capacity

  • Workforce stability impacts

Public-academic collaboration

  • Ongoing positive relationships

  • Valuing multiple perspectives



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the inner context of sustainment

Organizational characteristics

  • Leadership

  • Embedded EBP culture

  • Critical mass of EBP provision

  • Social network support

Fidelity monitoring/support

  • EBP Role clarity

  • Fidelity support system

  • Supportive coaching


  • Staff selection criteria

  • Validated selection procedures